We Buy Houses Vancouver, Washington But Can You Sell Your House With Tenants?

we buy houses Vancouver, Washington

Do we buy houses Vancouver Washington even if they are rentals? This guide talks you through all you need to know to sell with tenants. If you are wondering if it’s okay to sell your house with tenants, then the answer is Yes. We buy houses Vancouver Washington even with tenants. In this guide, we’ll explain why it is possible.

Have you decided to sell your rental property with your tenants still occupying their space but you’re still quite unsure if it’s possible to sell your house without evacuating your tenants? 

The good news is that as a homeowner with tenants still residing in your property, it should relieve you to know that it is very possible to sell your house or rental property. However, it’s not that simple or easy. As a property owner, you must carry out the sale of your rental property professionally and diligently to avoid making mistakes. 

You should know that you cannot sell your property without properly informing and briefing the tenants in question about the new development. Let’s dive into some things you should know before selling your rental property.

Things To Know Before Selling Your House With Tenants

Selling your home or property with tenants is possible but should be done the right way and under the state laws. It would be wrong, unprofessional, and unruly to evict or evacuate your tenants without prior notice to their eviction especially when they still have an existing long-term lease agreement.

Here are a few important things to take note of before we buy your rental property in Vancouver, Washington, and how to deal with your tenants. 

Your Tenants Must Be Aware Of Your Intention to Sell your Property 

This is the most important thing you must ensure you carry out before you sell to cash home buyers like we buy houses in Vancouver, Washington. Even if you plan to sell to a cash buyer who is willing to buy your property with occupants in it, it’s only courteous and right that you let your tenants know.

It’s also important to conduct the sale of the property professionally, legally, and under the laws and regulations of the state. Some states have different policies for selling a property with occupants still in it, so be sure to go through it again with a lawyer and have your buyer also follow through with it. 

You Must Consider The Tenancy Period Of The Occupants

What this means is that before selling your property to we buy houses in Vancouver, Washington companies, it’s easier to sell when your tenants have a short-term lease agreement than with a long or fixed lease term agreement. Here’s how they differ:

  • Short-term lease/ Month-to-Month: As a property owner, it’s easier to sell your house to cash home buyers like we buy houses in Vancouver, Washington, because that way, you can inform your tenant(s) before the month of their next lease and let them know of the new development. This gives them time to plan and prepare for their movement. You can also let them know If the buyer decides to allow the tenants to proceed with the lease agreement.
  • Long-term lease: Selling your property with tenants who have a long-term or fixed lease agreement might prove to be a harder task. However, you can let them know about your decision to sell the property 90 days before the eviction period and offer to pay back the remaining rental fee that wasn’t covered or used by the tenants. It’s best to have a mutual negotiation with such tenants and the property buyer and come to an agreement on how to go about selling your property if they decide to stay in.


As long as you decide to sell your house with tenants in it to we buy houses Vancouver, Washington, you must follow through on all state laws, and have a mutual agreement with the buyer and your tenants.

If you’re looking for a cash home buyer to sell to, then we highly recommend Jubilee Properties NW. At Jubilee Properties NW, you’re guaranteed a fast and easy sale with no realtors or extra fees required, and with your property as-is. 

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